Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photos from 2004 FOUND!!

I went to my first Air Show in Dayton Ohio in 2004.  I thought all my photos had been lost when my ex and I parted ways several years ago.  I was happy to run across these pics and I had to scrap them.  It was one of the happiest times I can remember and I was so excited!!!  I want to go visit Dayton again.  These are not the best photos, but I had to scrap them to preserve my memory of that weekend.

Here's the first page...

This photo is from the demonstration team that called themselveds Sky Soldiers.  I have no idea what brand the paper is that I cut out the boots, tank and Army seal type circle at the top of the page.  I got it as my local scrapbook store that is no longer in business.  I wrapped twine around the photo mat and used handmade paper.  I ran it through my Xyron so I wouldn't have anything showing through the thin paper.  The small tags are also from that same scrapbook store.  They are by 7 Gypsies.  I do remember that.  I'm guessing a lot of this stuff I bought to do the page is older as well since I bought it a long long time ago!

Here's a close up of the tags and cut outs...

Here's the second page...

More of the same techniques on this page.  I used the Xyron again to adhere the handmade paper and cut outs from the patterend paper.  I also used Magic Mesh?  I think that's the name of it.  It comes on a roll in many different colors.  I had this one white roll that I had bought specifically for this project.  I wanted to crinkle it up on the page, but before I knew it...I had lost my train of thought and flattened it right down on the page!  So, I had to do both pages that way to make them match.

This was a truely amazing demonstration. 

Journaling reads - Authenticity.  Realism.  Professionalism.  Patriotism.  Those are some of the words that you could use to describe the Sky Soldiers who recreate an intense batte scene from the Vietnam War.  Mike Brady, president of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation lead this crew of veterans from the Vietnam War and Dessert Storm as they recreated a typical day in Vietnam.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday or whatever day you are reading this!  It is beautiful here.  Sunny Skies. 

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  1. Great double page LO Shelly, love how you used the twine and cut out the little embellishments. Looks fab!!