Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday! and a warehouse sale to share.

Well this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in a cabin...but circumstances changed my plans and cabin.  So, I guess I have to rethink my plans.  My go to...SCRAP FEST!!!  I am gonna try to scrap all night.  After the sun goes down of course because I'll be outside enjoying the sunshine until it does. 

Hopefully will have some new stuff to post next week.

Have you ever used Dazzles on your pages or cards?  Well, I have ordered some but haven't used them yet.  The maker of Dazzles...Hot off the Press is having a warehouse sale and they have one going on regularly with sale items.  I got an email early in the morning hours and just happened to be awake so I went over and checked the site out.  Was delighted to see Glimmer Mist for $3.49 and mini roses 10 for $0.49.  They did have limited colors, but since I don't have any Glimmer Mist I thought I'd give it a try and the flower colors on the sale are also limited.  They did have egg shell and I thought these would serve the purpose of misting.  So, if you've never visited their site...hop on over.  You can visit them HERE.

Here are some of the great Dazzles they have available on the warehouse sale.

You can use the positive and negative image of the Dazzles if you pick up one of their transfer sheets.  I got one of those too and can't wait until it gets here so I can try them out.  I have purchased the music Dazzles and Far East Dazzles prior to this purchase.  I forgot to order the transfer sheets though and included it on this warehouse sale order. 

Here's a photo of the mini roses.  I think they also have a sunflower set in the warehouse sale.

They have some really great stamp sets as well.  A bit pricey for me, but I wait and watch for them to go on sale.  They do have a few on the warehouse sell, but I've found you have to shop quickly to get the best items.  They do also have a selection of $1 stamps.  This is one I grabbed while getting my glimmer mist and flowers! 

This stamp set was also on the warehouse sale and was originally $17.99.  I grabbed it for $3.99. 

I was so excited!  I have been a stamp buying fool lately and am getting more in to stamping projects.  I have yet to do a layout that I used a stamp on, but maybe I will try it tonight.

So, as I get back to work to finish out my short day...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets some crafting done.  I know I hope to!!

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