Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another work In Progress

Hey Y'all!!  Here's the other item I've been working on.

A spinner for my distress inks!!!

I saw a great idea on Youtube by can link to her Channel HERE.  She has a great tutorial on her blog and put together a little video on Youtube as well.  Click HERE for her blog.  You can click HERE for her Youtube video. 

So I adapted what she did a little.  I have all these boxes laying around that I have saved.  You might have some too!!  Do you ever get those little packets of sugar free mix to add to your water?  Well I sure do because I HATE water alone.  So, that's what I used to make the base of my distress ink holder.  I flatened them out and cut them down to the size I needed(about 3 inches).  These 2 brands of mixes...Wylers and Hawaiian Punch were the same size.  The packets I had bought at Walmart with their brand was not wide enough for the distress pads to fit inside.  This is why I went for these 2 brands of recycled packaging.  You may try others, but those are the 3 boxes I had.  I have been keeping these forever!!  So, I had well over 20 of the 3 brands to chose from.

Here's a pic...

After I cut them down, I folded the flaps back up and taped them. After that was done...I painted them with Black acrylic paint.  You can chose a color to match whatever paper you like. 

After I was finished and I let them dry, I stacked them on top of each other and glued together.  I repainted in all the areas that were showing the pattern on the boxes.  Then the bare side of the boxes that showed I also painted the edges.  After those were dry...I added chipboard over them and added the patterned paper to coordinate with my other altered items in my craft room. 

So, here's where I am at so far...

So far I am loving this!!  I didn't get it perfectly straight when I taped my boxes together, but when I add my embellishments, it will be GREAT and don't think it will be that noticeable.  The only thing I wish I had done was to add a piece of thin chipboard between each layer.  That would have made it easier to align and added some strength between layers. 

So, this is my adapted version.  It has been quick!  You could probably do it in one afternoon if you could devote an afternoon to it.  I wasn't able to do that.  You can customize this to hold however many pads you have.  Myself, I have less than 20 right I made mine to hold 20.  I am going to use re-moveable tape on the top to be able to add more.  Also remember if you want to do that to keep some of your paper for covering if you want it to match!  I'm also thinking of adding something on the top to store my alchol inks and stickles.  I just haven't decided completely yet.  I wanted to decorate the top of COURSE!  Will see what I can come up with. 

Thank you for looking and any comments are appreciated! 

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