Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not the vine...but a charm for mini albums!

I'm sharing with you a charm/dangle to attach to a mini album.  I did this for a swap and the theme was winter.  I don't have a charm on it yet...just beeds and chain.  I think it is a requirement that I add a charm so I will be adding one later. 

I tried to take photos of it on several different surfaces so you could see it really well.  A couple of the bead colors are showing off color a little.  All the beads are a light blue.  2 of them are a solid bead, one is a frosted bead and the other blue one is a transparent blue bead.  The big bead is almost clear. 

Here's one more shot of the charm/dangle pinned up on my bulletin board.

I put a lobster clasp on the end to easily attach to a mini album.  I made several dangles from clear beads and a head bin that was a circle/swirl.   Then I did one dangle that has the white, silver and blue beads on it.  I also added some colored blue chain and a clear bead on the end with bead caps.  I thought it turned out nice.  This is the first one I've made!  Whenever I find a charm to attach I'll post up a new pic.  I haven't been successful in finding anything yet.