Thursday, December 9, 2010

As I promised...

Here are the flowers that I  made lastnight with yesterdays tutorial.  You can find it here Flower Tutorial

I am also posting up the template that I used for yesterday's flowers. 

I cut out the shapes.  I did 4 pieces again so I'll have 4 layers.  I glimmer misted them and this was a trial for me.  I have the smooch spritz so I tried it first on a scrap piece.  I thought it might be too dark.  I didn't like the result so I tried my homemade version I call glimmery shimmery stuff in gold.  :-)  I sprayed all 4 layers.   Let it dry.  Then I creased down the middle of each "petal" to add some more dimension.  Then I stacked them.

I decided to try a couple different options for the center.  Both I punched a whole through the center.  Then when I got my button through the whole, I ran a wire through the opening so it wouldn't fall out.

Then, you are done!!

I did not use the corner rounder on the tips of the "petals" because I wanted these to be pointy for the poinsetta look.

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  1. These are so pretty! They really do look like poinsettias!
    Hugs, Natasha