Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stick pins and I'm Still HERE!!!

Hey Y'all!!!

Did you think I had disappeared?  Well, I got the tooth business took care of and then I lost my usb cable for my camera and phone.  I have searched everywhere for it.  I also have been working a lot and FINALLY I'm able to share with you my latest work.

I started participating in a new swap for the month of June.  The themes were Americana and Beach.  I joined this swap on the {scrap}beach.  Come on over if you'd like to visit!!  It's a great group of scrappers and crafters.  I have met some really great people there.

So, I created slide shows for the stick pins and I'm also posting a photo.  Here's the Americana group.

I found some great beads at Hobby Lobby and got some online as well.  The middle pin is a Maya Road Stick pin with a clear star on top.  I thought these fit the Americana theme well.  As for the pin on the left...I wished I had taken a photo of the top of the flower.  It has the clear stick pin top in the middle of the flower and turned out really neat!  I got the flower beads and the leaf from an eBay store a while ago.  I thought the colors were great for this theme.  The other one on the right side was made with beads from Hobby Lobby.  I got these beads in the clearance section.  Choose your beads, add some glue, let them dry and you have a really beautiful embellishment. 

Here's the beach themed pins.

I had so much fun doing these pins.  As soon as I signed up for the swap I had this idea in my head to use a little bucket and it took me forever to find these!!!!  They actually had citronella candles in them and I just popped the candle out, but the bucket in half and then I added foam.  I cut out a half circle.  Covered it with glossy accents then sprinkled on my sand.  Then, I added my umbrella in and it didn't fit that well so I cut half of it off the back.  I added a few shells and stuck my pins in.  I cut out my card stock and had to back them on some heavier chipboard so the weight of the bucket would be supported.  I used grommets for the holes to run my ribbon through and tied a little bottle of sand on the ribbon and I stamped around the edge.  I wanted to add a sun in the corner, but I didn't wanna add the yellow color to the board...so I just used a flourish stamp to go around the edges.  Stuck my pins in and I was done!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Glad to ramble to you all again.

Have a great day!!


  1. gorgeous pins! love how you made them in themes, they look fantastic.

  2. You are so talented! I love the pins!!! That is something I have not tried yet!